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Usa Cold Storage
541 East Emporia Street
Ontario, CA 91761
Ph. 909.984.4111
FAX 909-984-1417


  • ICE Retail

    We offer ICE deliveries to Gas Stations, Markets, Restaurants, Food Chains, Construction sites and more.

  • Wholesale ICE

    Our clients include Food industries, Distribution Centers, Cleaning industries, Freight Services and more.


Our company offers many services and always open to new proposals and businesses, our motto is "Customer First" ensuring we provided the best customer services. Contact us so we can determine what tools can make your business grow.

  • Premium Meat

    We provide high quality meat to the general public (Beef, Chicken and Seafood) Learn more.

  • Pink Shrimp

    16/20 IQF, Shell on No Head 2 lbs bags

  • Seafood


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In Usa Cold Storage you will find commitment and efficiency, We know how time consuming affects the objectives of a business Today we live in environment where the traffic and appointments dont work at par, and thats why our dock is a non-appointments service, were you can come at any time during our dock hours for delivery or pick up. Read more We also offer appointments for clients who need one. This are some of our Extra Storage Services.
-Container Unloading
-Load Rearrangement
-Cross Loading