Wet Ice

We offer wet Ice to the general public, crushed, cubes and block ice.
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  • Cubes

    Artic Glaicer
    -20lbs bag/ 104 bags per pallet (2080lbs).
    -7lbs bag/ 300 bags per pallets (2100lbs).

  • Crushed Ice

    Cold Star
    -38lbs bag/ 54 bags per pallet (2052lbs).
    -20lbs bag/ 104 bags per pallet (2080lbs).
    -5lbs bag/ 378 bags per pallet (1890lbs).
    -10lbs block ice/ 189 blocks per pallet (1890lbs)

  • Block Ice


Resale and Wholesale

  • Store deliveries

    We provide continuous replenishment of ice to many businesses such as Super Markets, Gas Stations, Water Houses, Restaurants, Clubs, Construction sites , Events in General and more.

  • High volume deliveries

    Our clients include Food Industries, Food Banks, Pharmaceutical Companies, Events Management Companies, Construction Companies and more.