The Facily has 14,000 ft2 of frezzers and 11,000 ft2 of Coolers, all product must be palletized and must be no more than 7.5ft tall .
please contact us for a quote 909.986.8159, email .

  • Long Term Storage

    Month to Month
    We provide Long Term Storage, including
    .Inventory System
    .Order Processing
    .Order Making
    .Lot Numbers Assignment
    .Staff Support
    .and more
    DOCK HOURS Mon: 7:00AM-3:00pm Tues-Fri: 7:00am-3:30.

  • Short stay

    7 days or less
    Our Services Iclude
    .Will Call
    .Emergency Storage
    .Overnight Storage
    .Special Request
    .Brakedown of Pallets
    .Few Hours Stay

  • Dock Services

    We Ofer services to many freigth companies , Dispachers and Brokers.
    -Re-Arrangment of Loads
    -Container Unload
    -Restacking Pallets -Re-Delivering
    -And More

    please contact us at 909.984.1671, email

Resale and Wholesale

  • Store deliveries

    We provide continuous replenishment of ice to many businesses such as Super Markets, Gas Stations, Water Houses, Restaurants, Clubs, Construction sites , Events in General and more.

  • High volume deliveries

    Our clients include Food Industries, Food Banks, Pharmaceutical Companies, Events Covarege, Contractors and more.